PayPlan’s intranet provides crucial crisis and wellbeing support

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Paula Darch
9 January, 2024
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Employees can now ask for emergency support at a touch of a button

PayPlan, one of the largest free debt advice providers in the UK, is providing crucial crisis and wellbeing support through its new ‘Totem’ intranet from Sorce. All 500 employees together with the 100,000 customers PlayPlan helps every year, are now supported by a platform that enables fast and targeted help for those dealing with wellbeing and addiction issues.

The Totem intranet, which went live 14 months’ ago and replaced a platform coming to the end of its life, has allowed PayPlan to raise the bar with the support it provides to colleagues and vulnerable customers.

“We deal with many vulnerable customers who may have gambling issues, mental health problems or have extra needs and so signposting them to the right help, and quickly, is vital”, says Luke Pick, Internal Head of Engagement from PayPlan’s parent company, Totemic. “On top of this, we need to ensure our colleagues are well-supported with their own mental health, providing them with the help they need when they need it.”

The Totem intranet has a number of innovative features including a crisis support page which includes a button that agents can press when they need immediate help with a customer call. It could be that a customer is threatening to commit suicide or injure themselves during the call, and the button alerts a manager who will instantly listen in on the call and act as necessary, such as phoning emergency services.

There are also intranet pages that help colleagues to signpost clients to the right support, such as gambling and vulnerability specialists, as well as external mental health and domestic abuse charities. With Totem, colleagues instantly have the information and contacts they need for providing vulnerable customers with the best advice and support available.

Pick says “When people phone PayPlan, they are rarely in a good place in their lives. They could be a victim of economic abuse, face gambling-related issues or find themselves in a situation that is out of their control. It’s our job to not only support them with the money they owe, but to help and guide them while at their most vulnerable. Totem is helping us to do this more effectively than ever.”

Totem is also providing PayPlan’s 500 employees with a quick and easy way for them to seek wellbeing support as needed. A ‘Wellness Champion’ page lists all the company’s wellbeing specialists and the new ‘Help me now’ button allows employees to click on the button for immediate communication from a wellbeing champion.

Pick says, “Our agents can have stressful days and so it’s vital that they are supported as much as our customers are. By simply pressing the wellbeing support button on Totem and answering a couple of quick questions, they are instantly directed to the most suitable wellbeing champion who can help and advise them as needed.”

The intranet is being continually added to and developed to support the ongoing needs of staff and customers, with a discount hub a recent addition. This provides all employees with vouchers/discount codes from a range of retailers to help with the cost of living.

Pick adds, “Totem is proving a crucial platform for supporting the emotional, social and financial wellbeing needs of colleagues and clients. It’s at the centre of our engagement and wellbeing strategy and will continue to be an invaluable ‘go to’ for information, advice and support.”

About PayPlan

PayPlan is one of the UK’s largest free debt advice providers and helps over 100,000 clients every year. It offers FCA-regulated advice and support to anyone struggling with their finances – along with tailored and sustainable solutions.

PayPlan works closely with the free debt advice sector and campaigns for positive change across the industry. It is also the preferred referral partner for many high-street lenders – and a range of organisations, including charities, housing associations and employers. Improving accessibility to debt advice is a key focus, particularly for those struggling with vulnerabilities, through digital innovation and awareness raising.

About Sorce

Sorce is a UK intranet and desk booking provider that helps businesses to transform the way they connect, communicate and engage with employees.

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