Getting the job done quicker, simpler, easier

Modern intranet software with productivity at its core

Engage software not only connects your organisation, it helps you streamline your business processes, bringing everything into one place, helping everyone to get the job done.

Intranet productivity - getting the job done
Intranet productivity - getting the job done

Gather information quickly and easily with forms and workflows

Save time and streamline your business processes. Create mobile friendly forms and share them with colleagues through your intranet. From accident reporting, catering requests, purchase orders and equipment ordering, the possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve set up your form, simply specify whether you would like it to be routed to the user’s line manager, or a specific group of people.

Engage Intranet Department Search

Find information and colleagues instantly with Engage navigation and search tools

Our Engage intranet software enables to you create and configure your navigation and site search to what is right for your business.

All documentation from across your organisation in one place

Publishing and managing your business documents is at the heart of Engage software, the document management application includes full access control, audit trail and version history. Further control is added by processes such as mandatory read and document approval.

Integrate with the very best of Microsoft 365, SharePoint and many more

Seamlessly integrate with the business software used across your organisation to bring your users the business information they need quickly and easily, creating a secure central place to help your users work more efficiently wherever they are.

Integration enables your content to be browsed and searched more easily and made readily available to staff who don’t regularly use those systems.

Engage Intranet Microsoft Integrations
Engage Intranet Software Intranet Analytics

Analytics to inform your continual development

Engage analytics tool helps you see the impact of changes on your organisation’s intranet usage and helps you plan future improvements.

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