Design & build

Intranet designs that bring your brand to life

Our design & build service helps ensure your intranet reflects your brand and supports your culture, helping to create a positive employee experience. A great intranet design helps create a sense of belonging and reinforces your organisations core values and beliefs.

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Intranet design expertise

Here at Sorce, regardless of your software choice we are here to support your design needs, whether that’s collaborating with your own design agency or using our own in house design team to tailor our templates to your business brand.

Creating a new intranet sub brand

You may choose to create your own sub brand for your intranet. This might be a character, a moment of your organisation’s history or take an element of your corporate brand. We have worked with many organisations to help them achieve this and can be a very exciting project for your intranet team.

Engage Intranet Page Building With Team

Let’s get building

Once you have agreed your structure, branding and style, we can start building your intranet. Some clients ask us to build every intranet page and other clients take over once we have created core pages, and build the rest of the site themselves. We can do as little or as much as you like.

Our team build your intranet pages and work with you to ensure they function as you need them to before they are signed off.

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Training & support

Let’s chat about our intranet services

We are here to help with your intranet project. Whether you need help working through your strategy, or help planning your project. We listen to your challenges and see if we can help you achieve your intranet goals. Simply fill in a few details to help us get in touch and let’s chat very soon.