Accessible and secure intranet software

Intranet access for your whole workforce, wherever they are

Engage can be accessed by everyone, from anywhere securely. Breaking down digital barriers and connecting your whole workforce.

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Connect your remote workforce

Connect your remote workforce instantly with our out-of-the box, fully responsive mobile app. Helping you to engage and ensure your employees can access the latest news, working practices and key documentation on the move.

The Engage mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices from the relevant app store. Mobile app security is provided through PIN and biometric authentication such as fingerprint or Face ID.

Employee accessibility

Engage is developed to meet the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines, to level AA or better.  Various functionality is provided to aid accessibility such as using headings effectively and consistently across all pages and content, enabling ALT tags to be applied to images and supporting the use of screen readers.

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Engage Intranet Software Security Access Control
Secure access settings

Security has been considered from the ground up, ensuring that information can only be accessed and seen by authorised users. Engage provides access control across pages, navigation and functionality such as documents, folders and news articles.

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Authentication choice

Engage has authentication methods to suit every organisation’s requirement and an access control system which allows you to give or restrict access to specific areas of the intranet as needed.

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