Content creation made simple

Create and update great intranet content

Engage puts you in control of your intranet content, pages, navigation and branding, so you can be self-sufficient in maximising your content.

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Bring your brand to life

We understand how important your brand is, so we’ve made it easy to customise your intranet to reflect your own identity. Whether you need your intranet to closely match your company brand or create a new, unique identity, our design team are on hand to support you and create an intranet in line with your vision.

Supercharge your intranet with great content

All intranet content and business documents are in one place with the easy to use intranet content management system. Engage makes it very simple to create new content, target content and check and approve content for quality and consistency.

The easy to use in-page editor, enables you to create and upload content quickly and easily. You can @mention teams, colleagues to bring their attention to your microblogs, news articles or documents.

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Create your own libraries

Engage enables you to create your own image and video libraries, making it easy to upload content from any device.

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Never miss the action

When new content is created, notifications are triggered, alerting your users and encouraging them to go to your intranet to see the new content. On the mobile application, push notifications update the app badge with a real-time message count.

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 Ignite your engagement

  You will find familiar social features to drive your engagement levels and create a lively buzz. All the expected @mentions and social reactions are there to help your users join in instinctively.

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