Modern intranet software & build services

The ultimate digital employee experience

Create and build intranet software that is as unique as your organisation. With our Engage intranet software, SharePoint online or BindTuning, we have over 20 years experience of creating award winning intranets.

The UK’s leading intranet software supplier

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Intranet software

Create a tailored modern intranet
for your organisation.

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Intranet build services

Using SharePoint Online, providing you with the best of
SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

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What we do

We understand embarking on a new intranet can be challenging. Our team of experts are here to help and support you throughout your intranet project and beyond. With intranet software options including our own Engage software and SharePoint, whatever your software preferences we can help.

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A new home for your workforce

We help you connect your workforce, wherever they are. A modern intranet provides you with a central hub for your employees to share company news and stay engaged with each other, as well as improving business efficiency and productivity.

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Connect your workforce with Engage intranet software

Simplify your business processes, get more done and deliver an outstanding digital employee experience with your new Engage modern intranet.

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Your modern SharePoint
intranet, your way

Using SharePoint Online, we offer a SharePoint creation and build option, enabling you to access the best of SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Our SharePoint build options are designed to give you simple fixed cost options for the best way to create your new SharePoint intranet.

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Let’s chat software

We love chatting about intranets and are here to help you understand your intranet options, listen to your challenges and see if we can help you achieve your intranet goals. Simply fill in a few details to help us get in touch and let’s chat very soon.