How can your modern intranet deliver a great employee experience?

Engage software

Create a positive employee experience for your whole workforce

Your employees are your most important asset. Engage has employees at the heart of it and helps you create a positive employee experience that is available to everyone.

Employee Experience Intranet

Engage supports the whole employee experience for everyone

Helping you to create a positive environment, increasing staff retention, engagement, productivity and culture.

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Staff retention

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Positive environment

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Creating a positive long lasting first impression from day one

Engage can support the onboarding experience from creating a digital welcome page for new starters, where everything they need to know is one place.

Key company information, staff directory, working policies, organisational charts, job descriptions and their new team can all be signposted and included within the welcome page.

Tasks can be assigned to support your onboarding process and you can also include introductory videos and messages from the CEO, Directors, team members and more.

Supporting a thriving, productive, engaged workforce

Supercharge your organisational culture with great content, news articles, groups and project areas. Give everyone the chance to connect and engage with each other and what’s happening to create the sense of belonging and value everyone needs.

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The hub for career growth and development

Recognise employees’ achievements and share with everyone, find colleagues with skills needed to help on projects and use Engage as the hub for advertising and promoting new career opportunities within your organisation.

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Promote wellbeing

Create a wellbeing hub with documents, articles, polls, links, forms and videos to share information on how your organisation is supporting colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing. From employee assistance programmes to mental health first aiders, promoting wellbeing is vital and Engage is made for this.

Engage software offboarding example


Create a clear, simplified process with your intranet to support your offboarding and help create a positive experience for colleagues. Ensure all documents, tasks, and policies are easy to find and in one place.

As part of the offboarding process, you can support knowledge transfer and handover with step by step procedures.

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