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Engage intranet software brings together multiple sites in one central location at Jemca Car Group

Based solely in the UK, Jemca Car Group’s core business and heritage is its Toyota and Lexus franchises. The group currently has 7 Toyota and 4 Lexus state of the art retail and servicing centres.

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Jemca Car Group Case Study


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The challenge

To implement an intranet that will bring together over 500 employees who are spread across 11 sites. The new intranet will enable Jemca Car Group to prioritise communications that are predominantly driven through email and to encourage sites to share information and ideas. Sites will also have their own pages where they will be able to take ownership of their own content, communications and initiatives.

The new intranet will increase efficiency and employee engagement within the business, it will become the go-to-place for users when searching for information and documents, for communications and company news.

The solution

The Engage intranet at Jemca Car Group comes with a fantastic success story. The team have launched a brand new intranet to over 500 employees across 11 sites where there was no form of intranet in place previously. The challenge of changing the way employees think and communicate has been met and overcome successfully. Improvements have been seen in efficiency, engagement and multiple sites are now united online in one central location.

Jemca won the Sorce Best Intranet Design award shortly after launching the site which is an outstanding achievement. Design contributions were made by Jemca themselves, Sorce and a design agency. Design and brand is very important to the group, the site is modern and fresh looking with carefully selected colours and graphics. The strong identity of the site has helped to increase engagement and ownership.

The Sales Academy is hugely popular. Sales KPI’s are visible at a glance to everyone across the whole group. Figures for latest results, year to date top 10 sales are displayed in a clear, easy to read format. Visibility of sales figures and targets generate healthy sales competition across the different centres. This information was previously discussed at individual centre sales meetings, via email and at company meetings, the daily figures were not available in a central location.

The site is packed full of lots of other information. One of the most visited pages is the employee benefits area. Lots of time has been saved in the HR team as employees are now able to find their own answers to HR related questions and forms, documents and policies themselves. They have quick and easy access to information about shopping discounts, pensions, healthcare, cycle to work scheme, car schemes, best doctors, childcare vouchers plus lots more.

Centre of Excellence is very engaging for employees, they can see who is at the top of the centre leader board and winners. Image of the moment is great for capturing interesting photos and important company dates are displayed in calendar format on the home page. Charity events are also promoted on the home page as well as a company blog. Blogs are posted by employees across the group from all different job roles, this is great for raising awareness of what other people do within the company. ‘Thank a team mate’ is great for employee recognition and engagement, staff love getting involved and nominating colleagues they would like to openly recognise for an achievement or idea.

“We love The Junction, it’s been a big game changer for us! It has changed the way we communicate across multiple sites and has improved efficiency. We are really proud of the design, it’s modern, fresh and engaging.”

Beth Holley
Internal Communication Executive

The Appraisals Zone is a fantastic area on the site that has helped to improve efficiency and understanding. Storing information in one central location has mean that time has been saved across the group. Employees can quickly and easily find what they are looking for, whether it be information about core competencies, motivation, self-development, FAQ’s or appraisal user manuals.

The name ‘The Junction’ was chosen for the intranet following an employee naming competition. This ensured that staff were involved with the new site right from the beginning of the project. Launch day was celebrated across all sites with The Junction branded cakes, pens, mouse mats and awareness was raised with promotional posters!

Content for the Centre pages is managed by Jemca Intranet Angels! There are 1-2 angels at each centre who are responsible for their own site pages. They add regular content, ensure that their pages are up to date and relevant. They have their own Intranet Angel badges so that other employees know who to go to when they have any questions.

Jemca Intranet Angel Logo
Jemca The Junction Intranet Logo

The result

The Junction is an outstanding award-winning intranet. It is packed full of relevant information that is both informative and engaging. The design is modern and engaging, the strong branding has given The Junction it’s own identity. The site has succeeded in bringing all employees across the group together in one central location. Lots of time has been saved now that staff can easily search for and find the information they need. Engagement has been improved now that company information and news can be easily shared.

“I love The Junction because it is very informative, current and relative and it allows everyone in the business, across all levels, to engage and communicate”

Simon Boxall
Chief Operating Officer

“The Junction has had a positive business impact because we are really making headway with cross centre communication, everyone is starting to talk; it is so great to see.”

Sarah Peters
Culture and Development Manager

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