How to create engaging intranet designs

Wednesday 8th May @ 2:30–3:00pm

Duration: 30 minutes

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Register for this event

This webinar is great for anyone who is wanting to understand what makes a great intranet design. We will delve into intranet user experience, some of the theories supporting best practice and having reviewed over 50 intranets, our expert insight and examples of great intranet design and areas that could be improved.

What you will learn

  • Understand the importance of a great intranet user experience
  • Learn more about the theories that support great intranet design
  • Discover the findings of reviewing over 50 intranet designs
Engage Intranet software how to create engaging intranet designs webinar

Our Speakers

Martyn Green Profile Picture

Martyn Green

Client Success Director

Jacqueline Stevens profile picture

Jacqueline Stevens

Client Success Manager

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