Boodle Hatfield Intranet Roll-out

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Paula Darch
23 March, 2023
Boodle Hatfield Keeps employees connected

Law firm Boodle Hatfield has implemented the Engage intranet from Sorce to keeps its employees connected, with plans to roll-out the intranet’s mobile app over the next few months.

Boodle Hatfield has moved to a hybrid working model for all its employees. With three offices across London and Oxford, it’s important that all staff can easily access crucial documents and information, as well as seamlessly connect with colleagues, regardless of their location.

“We’d been using an intranet that was coming to end-of-life and it wasn’t very user-friendly or intuitive”, says Lucy Rao, Business Development Director from Boodle Hatfield. “We recognised that in order to better support our colleagues, whether they’re working in the office or elsewhere, then a change of intranet platform was needed.”

The firm selected Sorce’s Engage intranet due to its ease-of-use and the company’s high level of customer service. It took just four months from selecting Engage to going live with the system in September 2022.

Rao says “We involved colleagues from across the business in the project, from personal assistants and business services teams through to lawyers and partners.  We had to be sure that the intranet could deliver everything required of it, and thankfully it’s delivered everything asked of it!”

All staff have access to the Engage intranet, allowing them to quickly locate the most up-to-date company-wide documents and information, from pricing and billing guidelines through to wellbeing advice and support. As it links to Boodle Hatfield’s other IT systems, employees can also use the intranet as a central hub for everything such as booking holidays and setting their objectives in the firms review system.

Importantly, Engage is a key communications tool that provides employees with instant access to the latest company-wide news, meaning the firm no longer needs to rely on weekly newsletters and emails to disseminate news.

Plus, Engage is helping to strengthen the employer brand and organisational culture as Rao explains: “We now have a sleek and professionally branded intranet platform which is one of the first things all new employees see when they join the firm. This is helping to strengthen our brand identity. Using Engage as a means to connect colleagues socially, such as by advertising quiz nights, is also important for fostering belonging and supporting wellbeing.”

Boodle Hatfield will be rolling-out the Engage mobile app in the next few months, allowing employees to seamlessly access the intranet from all mobile devices so that they can remain connected regardless of where they are. The firm is also looking at how the intranet can support them in other ways, such as with onboarding new starters.

Rao adds, “We have a few plans for Engage including setting-up a specific area where new starters can easily access company information, policies and documents. We’ll also be looking to roll out the mandatory read functionality so that staff are directed to new policies they must read, and a record is kept of when this has been done. The potential of our new intranet is really exciting, and we look forward to seeing how it can further support our colleagues into the future.”

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