BindTuning intranet software

Supercharge your SharePoint intranet

Sorce have partnered with BindTuning to offer their all-in-one platform for building connected and engaging workplaces in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

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BindTuning Infrastructure Integration

Supercharge your existing intranet

BindTuning enables you to give your existing SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams infrastructure a boost.

Expand your intranet, not a third party framework by connecting to existing document libraries, lists and external data sources.

What is BindTuning?

It’s a next level intranet that mirrors your brand with up-to-date business information managed centrally and accessible to all users.

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How BindTuning can help your SharePoint intranet

BindTuning Intranet Design

It’s easy to enhance your intranet design to reflect your brand. You start with a theme and configure each element with a simple design tool.

BindTuning Intranet Build

Enables a simpler intranet
build process and
delivers additional web parts
that are easy to setup
and use.

BindTuning Intranet Accessibility

Create an inclusive intranet experience for all your employees by supporting users with a range of disabilities and neurodiversity.

BindTuning Intranet Teams

Boost Microsoft Teams with external content that is relevant to your users and make it easy for them to access the information when they need it.

Let’s chat intranets

If you’d like to find out more about BindTuning software and how it can make a difference to your SharePoint intranet, lets chat. We will listen to your challenges and see if we can help. Simply fill in a few details to help us get in touch and let’s chat very soon.